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Newest Updates:

Figure Updates
NEWEST - 1982 Cobra Missile Command HQ - Complete
NEWEST - 2015 Psyche-Out & Repeater FSS 3.0 - Complete
NEWEST - 2014 Cross-Country Club Exclusive - Complete
Red & White 2012 Kim Arashikage Jinx SDCC Figures
Added Estrela - Storm Shadow, Tan Grunt, & Blowtorch
Dial-Tone 2011 CC - Complete
2012 - In Progress
1982 - Nearly Complete
82-83 - Nearly Complete
1983 - Complete
1984 - Complete
1985 - In Progress
1986 - In Progress
2014 - In Progress
International Figures - In Progress

Merchandise Updates:
NEWEST - French Action Force Ads - 6 Pages
NEWEST - Paint-A-Figurine Duke - 1984
1988 Toys R Us Store Advertisement - Complete - More Coming
Coloring and Activity Books - 6 Completed - More Coming

Video DVD - Blu-Ray Updates:
NEWEST - DIC Animation Cels - Complete
Sunbow Complete Series Collector's Edition Footlocker - Complete
Renegades Season 1 Volume 2 - Complete

   Comic Book Updates:
NEWEST - IDW Silent Interlude Hardcover - Completed
NEWEST - 2013 Convention Comic Diamond Edition - Completed
NEWEST - Greek Marvel Comics - Completed
NEWEST - Original Comic Artwork - Pencils - In Progress
Frontline Covers, Back Covers, & Preview Ads - Complete
Sigma 6 HC Library Editions - Complete
Turkish - Super Joe #2 - Complete
IDW Vol 4 (2014) - Up-to-Date
Egyptian Arabic Comics - Complete
Canadian Convention Comics - Complete
Marvel G.I.Joe and the Transformers - Complete
Marvel Special Missions - Complete
Marvel European Missions - Complete
Tales of G.I.Joe - Complete
G.I.Joe Comics Magazine - Complete
Bench Press Studios Unreleased - Complete
Dark Horse Comics - Complete
Danger Girl - G.I.Joe - Complete
DDP - America's Elite - Complete
Image/DDP - ARAH - Complete
DDP - Reborn - Reloaded - Complete
Fun Publications - In Progress

The Cobra Temple is a comprehensive resource dedicated to all things 3.75" G.I.Joe (1982-present), covering all merchandise and related products. It's also your online resource for full-size, photo quality, 300 DPI pictures of all your favorite G.I.Joe action figures, vehicles, comics, videos, statues, busts, games, and merchandise. That's right; we're covering everything, and all our pics are professional, photo-quality, printable, full-size images. Right click and "Save As" any image on our site to download the high quality image.

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